Nico Rowan

CEO & Chairperson of N Squared Investments | Tshwane Tourism Association (TTA)  

As the previous CEO/Owner of the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria, Nico Rowan brings a wealth of experience and a passion for hospitality to the forefront of the organization. With a dynamic leadership style and a commitment to excellence, he have played a pivotal role in shaping the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria into a premier destination for travellers.

Nico Rowan commenced his professional journey at the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria in December 1999, where he held key positions such as Manager on Duty, Food & Beverage Manager, HR Manager, Rooms Divisions Manager, Assistant General Manager, General Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Managing Director & CEO/Owner. His dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences and his innovative approach to hotel management quickly propelled him into many leadership roles & ultimately CEO/ownership.

In 2019, Nico assumed the role of CEO at the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria, a position he have held with distinction. His tenure has been marked by a commitment to elevating the guest experience, implementing sustainable practices, and ensuring the Manhattan Hotel remained at the forefront of the hospitality industry in Pretoria. 

Known for his hands-on and guest-centric approach, Nico fosters a culture of hospitality excellence within the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria. He prioritized attention to detail, personalized service, a commitment to exceeding guest expectations, made all employees competent, feel noticed and valued that cultivated a family at the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria making this hotel the preferred choice for travellers coming to Pretoria.

After Nico sold the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria in 2022, he started N Squared (Hospitality Business Consulting and Digital Transformation). N Squared assists hospitality businesses with their operations and digital transformation. With a host of competent suppliers and contractors that have been trailed, tested & vetted to Nico’s very high standards, N Squared can effortlessly transform hospitality businesses (small, medium or large) with cutting edge systems and equipment as well as the expertise to streamline operations, financial controls and procedures to maximize profitability.

Beyond the walls of the Manhattan Hotel Pretoria & N Squared, Nico is actively engaged in tourism initiatives. He believes in giving back to the industry and have been involved with the Tshwane Tourism Association since 2013 and has been the chairman of the association since 2019 to date.

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