Gerald Ferreira


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Pioneer from South Africa

Gerald Ferreira stands at the vanguard of immersive technology as an entrepreneur, innovator, and pioneer in South Africa’s Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) landscapes.

Key Highlights:

Extensive Experience: Over 24 years in VR, AR, IT, web development, and SEO, showcasing a multifaceted skillset in the digital arena.
Pioneering Work: Developed more than 125 tailored VR solutions catering to diverse sectors, including marketing, advertising, education, training, and gamification.
Business Leadership: Founded multiple acclaimed VR and AR companies in South Africa, with names like Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, VR 360, Virtual Realities, Virtual Reality Schools, and Virtual Reality Universities under his helm.
Digital Footprint: Achieved over 15 million views on Google Street View, demonstrating a tangible impact in the digital world.
Commitment to Innovation: Recently inaugurated a VR Innovation hub to prepare South Africans for the 4th Industrial Revolution, emphasizing the transformative role of VR and AR.
Social Responsibility:
Gerald’s commitment extends beyond business. He’s deeply invested in uplifting his community:

Launched a VR innovation hub in Klerksdorp, offering VR education and training, aiming to empower and upskill South Africans for future technological shifts.
Initiated the Virtual Reality School and Virtual Reality University programs, presenting affordable education and training avenues.
Organized frequent community sessions introducing VR and AR, focusing on bringing cutting-edge tech to previously disadvantaged groups.
Speaker Engagements:
A sought-after voice in the industry, Gerald is often invited to speak at major events. His topics of choice encompass Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the profound implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In collaboration with prominent brands and a wide array of satisfied customers, Gerald Ferreira’s story is one of relentless innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a profound desire to make a meaningful difference in the digital age.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Expert

Gerald Ferreira is a leading figure in South Africa’s burgeoning virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries. With a track record spanning several years, Gerald has been at the forefront of immersive technology applications, both in the country and beyond.


Successfully led projects for esteemed organizations like Dube TradePort Corporation, creating augmented reality experiences, interactive maps, and immersive 360 tours.
Partnered with major brands such as DSTV to develop and launch nationwide educational activations.
Pioneered several VR experiences in South Africa and Botswana on behalf of Splendid Marketing and Communications.
Collaborated with large banks in South Africa to develop immersive VR and AR solutions.

Taryn Muller, Marketing Officer at Dube TradePort Corporation, describes Gerald as “highly knowledgeable, reliable, and technically experienced” in the AR and VR realm.
Nichelle Stephens from ASSEGAI & JAVELIN acknowledges Gerald’s “absolute professionalism” and commendable service.
Lerato Mutele, Co-founder of Academic Republic Agency, highlights Gerald’s professionalism, flexibility, and industry insights.
Ms. Zama Phakathi, CEO of Splendid Marketing, calls Gerald a “talented entrepreneur and VR specialist” who delivers quality experiences with professionalism.
Simon Wilkinson, COO of Blacklight, endorses Gerald for his insights, passion, and dedication to quality VR and AR projects.
Special Mentions:
Gerald’s services in the digital realm extend beyond just AR and VR. His expertise encompasses web development, SEO, and digital marketing. Several professionals, including Telmo dos Reis and Martin Sack, acknowledge Gerald’s contributions to the South African digital landscape and his dedication to enhancing global VR adoption.

Gerald’s unwavering commitment to his craft, combined with his vast experience and positive feedback from industry stakeholders, makes him an ideal speaker for events focusing on digital innovation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the future of immersive technologies.

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