Adi Eyal

Founder of OpenUp

Adi has a deep-rooted interest in using data and artificial intelligence to contribute to social change, focusing particularly on the role of data-informed decision-making in governance. His recent work leverages artificial intelligence for monitoring illicit financial activities, reflecting his ongoing interest in applying emerging technologies for societal benefits. 

As the founder and former director of OpenUp, a civic technology lab, Adi spearheaded initiatives that developed data-driven platforms like Vulekamali and Municipal Money. These projects had a notable impact on South Africa’s budget transparency, leading to the country’s high ranking in the International Budget Partnership’s Open Budget Survey. 

Adi has also contributed his insights to advisory roles with governmental bodies, serving on the City of Cape Town’s Open Data Steering Committee and aiding in the development of open data policies. His involvement extended to the South African Open Government Partnership Open Data Advisory Committee. 

Committed to the idea that data literacy can empower individuals and communities, Adi has been influential in the realm of journalism as well. He initiated Africa’s first Data Journalism Academy. He has also worked on hard-hitting investigations leading to a number of journalism awards for data and investigative journalism. 

He was formerly a board member of My Vote Counts an organisation that advocates for a transparent, inclusive, and accountable political system in South Africa. He regards data literacy as a fundamental building block for participatory democracy and is keen on making data accessible to a wider audience. 

Adi regularly contributes to the African Investigative Journalism Conference, where his recent focus has been on the confluence of artificial intelligence and investigative journalism. He currently serves as an AI strategist, guiding organisations in pinpointing opportunities to optimise operations and glean insights through the effective use of artificial intelligence.

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